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Print Pack by Matt Heinz

by Matt Heinz


Matt has put together an amazing selection of prints all wrapped up in this sweet little pack. This pack has two 10x14 prints, one 5x7 and one collector mini print. All of these amazing collector prints are signed and numbered and you will receive the lowest number at the time of purchase.
Each design is printed on sturdy paper unique to each piece. This whole package could be a great gift for the holidays and you could split it up as well and keep some for yourself.
10 x 14 print 1 is titled "Deicidium"
10 x14 print 2 is titled "Aeternus Eternus Dormio"
5 x 7 print is "Death Knight"
And the mini print is "Dogfighter"

This is a limited run Holiday print package. Be sure to order early before the limited editions run out